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Ricky Adrian or Kie is an Indonesian based photographer that 
lives in Bandung, specializing in architecture, interiors, and 
commercial spaces. Kie studied Architecture at Parahyangan 
University (UNPAR) Bandung from 1998-2002, before working as
a Physical Network Development Officer at one of motorcycle 
main dealers in Indonesia for almost 14 years. During these 
years, Kie found himself taking up offers of prewedding, 
wedding, fashion, and portrait photography. After finally re-
signed from the company, he hooked with photography of archi-
tecture and interiors; and become an architectural and inte-
rior professional photographer since then. His tagline in 
professional photography is to increase the value of client’s 
property and save their valuable time. Kie belives that to 
serve the client there need to be trust, empathy, common vi -
sion, good communication and mutual respect between them, 
and so these are the values he holds the most in interaction 
with his clients.
Portraiture by Prisli Sunardi


Our Main Equipments

Architecture Photography
KIE focuses exclusively on architectural and interiors 
works that deeply appreciate the power of light. For 
both natural and artificial lights. Consequently, we 
use the best products of photography for you.