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About KIE

Architecture Interiors Commercial Spaces photographer

Ricky Adrian (KIE) is an Indonesian (Bandung city) based photographer. Specializing in Architecture and Interiors also Commercial Spaces.

KIE studied Architecture at the Universitas Parahyangan (UNPAR) in Bandung (1998-2002). And then working at one of motorcycles Main Dealers in Indonesia for 13.5 years. While working in those years, Kie found himself taking up the offer for photographing pre-weddings, weddings, and fashion as well over the weekend. Until finally captivated by photographing the architecture and interior; and became a professional photographer of Architecture and Interiors since then.

Kie uses both natural and artificial lights to capture indoor and outdoor spaces. And with his background in architecture, he is able to give attention on every details as the architect and interior designer mean from their design concept for the spaces.

In addition, we believes that to serve the client, there needs to be trust, empathy, common vision, and good communication, as also mutual respect.


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Portraiture by Prisli Sunardi


Our Main Equipments

BRONCOLOR for Lighting System

CANON TS-E 17mm Lens
24mm Equivalent Lens

MANFROTTO Tripod and Head, also for Lightstands

GITZO Tripod

KIE focuses exclusively on architectural and interiors works that deeply appreciate the power of light. For both natural and artificial lights. Consequently, we use the best products of photography for you.